Gold Necklace with Checker cut Solitaire Gem Stone

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Price 270,00 EUR

Product Description

14K Gold chain holding checker cut solitaire gems ranging from Black Onyx to Purple Amethyst - all 8mm and hand set. Select from the list of stones below and mark as comment which stone you want:

Green Amethyst (light green, transparent)

Pink Amethyst (light purple, transparent)

Purple Amethyst (darker purple, transparent)

Nature Calcy (milky white, translucent)

Aqua Calcy (bluish milky, translucent)

Smokey Quartz (brown, transparent)

White Moonstone (white, translucent)

Grey Moonstone (grey, translucent)

Black Onyx (black, opaque)

Green Onyx (sporting green, opaque)


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