Useful Tips For Men

Done right, buying jewellery as a gift for your wife or girlfriend is one of the most thoughtful, meaningful and romantic gestures you can ever make. Few items can express your lasting love and devotion like a special ring, necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings. Jewellery's magic, mystique and enduring appeal make it a natural gift for special occasions and milestone events in her life.


But if you're like most men, you probably know as much about buying jewellery as you do about brain surgery or rocket science. The good news is that shopping for an appropriate piece of jewellery for your special someone doesn't have to be an agonizing experience. Here are some basic tips to help you make the right buying decision:


1. Look in her jewellery box. You can learn a lot about the kind ofjewellery she likes by observing what she already is wearing. You'll get clues about her individual style, her favorite gems, and what may be missing from her jewellery wardrobe. You can also gauge things like her ring size and the necklace length she prefers. Sneak one of her rings to a jewellery store so they can size it. Make notes. For instance, if she already owns a beloved pearl necklace, she's sure to love a matching pair of pearl earrings. Are the components of her jewellery smaller and lighter, or chunkier? Women can be picky and usually have some specific ideas about what kind of jewellery they want and like.


2. Know her favorite color. Buying her a Gemstone Colour that she doesn't like is not a good idea. It shows her that you don't pay enough attention to her, and that you don't know what colours she wears or likes. So take the time to look at her rings and pendants that she wears now, and see what colours are in them. Pay attention, details matter.



3. Consider her lifestyle and personality. If your wife or girlfriend is a romantic, it's a good bet that she'd like a heart shaped pendant. If she's a conservative, casual type, stick to classic, everyday gold or diamond pieces like basic hoop earrings, diamond stud earrings, or link chains. Is she crafty? Consider something handcrafted and uniquely made with fine materials.




4. Ask around. Her mother, sister or best friend could definitely point you in the right direction about her jewellery needs and desires. If you'd prefer a more expert opinion, find out where she shops, and talk to her jeweller about what she's bought recently and what she's been looking at. And of course, you can go directly at the source. Take note of what catches her eye, listen when she hints at what she'd like. Some drop lots of hints.




5. How much should I spend? This part is actually rather easy. The more meaningful the occasion, from her perspective, the more you can spend. Therefore every anniversary is important! Spend more for these anniversaries: the first anniversary is very important, then 5th, 10th, 25th, 30th, etc. on these occasions, it's best here to go for a really nice piece of jewellery that conveys the importance of the occasion. Her first Mother's Day is very important, although you really don't need to go crazy. How about a bracelet or a ring with the baby's birthstone? Do you have the birthstone list?




6. Do your homework. Nothing would be more embarrassing than buying a birthstone ring with the wrong birthstone! Make sure you know all the important dates in her life. Also, you certainly wouldn't want to buy her a bracelet with a clasp that breaks the first time she wears it, or a ring that turns her finger green. Educate yourself about jewellery quality. When considering gems, real is always better than fake. A small authentic gem is always preferable to a large fake one.

For most jewellery gifts however, the price tag, while not completely irrelevant, isn't as important as some men may think. To a large degree, it's the thought (and the preparation) that counts as far as women are concerned. Remember that jewellery is an emotional purchase. Maximize the impact of your gift by giving it to her in a romantic setting or in an unexpected way. The key is to be original, and you are sure to create a memory that she will cherish forever.